Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reactions to the Dr. Phil Interview

Dr. Phil teased that anyone with an opinion of the Anthony's would change their minds after seeing his interview with them.

As someone who does not watch Dr. Phil, I made a point of tuning into the two days of interviews with George and Cindy Anthony and frankly, I am disappointed. The second day's interview ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with no announcement of when the rest of the "revelations" will air. (maybe next time Dr.Phil needs ratings?)

Cindy Anthony is delusional. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman is the queen of enabling behavior. I really resent when people boast that they prayed to God about something and interpret what happens as a sign from God.

According to Cindy Anthony, Casey's acquittal was God's way of saying that Caylee's death was an accident and therefore she deserved to be free.

I do not see it that way.

The reason that Casey Anthony is "free" is because the state of Florida could not prove how Caylee died. There is no concrete proof of much because all that was left of Caylee's body was skeletal remains. Anyone who has any knowledge of forensics knows that finding cause of death from bones is tough. Because you do not find anything does not mean it didn't happen.

This is the way Cindy Anthony lives her life. The writing is on the wall but she chooses how she interprets it. Denial at its finest.

Cindy Anthony is a weak woman who hides behind her faith. She will not "judge" Casey, God will. Well you know something? If she was my daughter I would judge her. I would have never ever let her get away with her behavior. I would have been wise to her lies instead of denying them.

George Anthony attempted suicide because he felt that he failed his family. Yes George, you did fail your family.

Trained as a cop, your weakness allowed you to deny that your daughter was disturbed. You sat by and allowed her to steal from you for years. You put up with her lies and you watched your wife justify Casey's lies and you continue to.

This is a sick, twisted kind of love.

Caylee is in a better place. She is now safe from this family who cannot see that there were problems in their home for a long,long time. Deep down they must know how disturbed they all truly are but they cannot be accountable for themselves.

According to Dr.Phil, no money was paid to the Anthony's for the 9 hours of interviews he did. Money will be donated to the charity fund the Anthony's are setting up in Caylee's name.

Some argue that the Anthonys are still ultimately profiting from the death of their granddaughter. I see it more as they are proving the public right by their "revelations".

They are a freak show and they should look no further for answers to Casey's behavior than their own reflections.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dr.Phil Interviews George and Cindy Anthony-Part 2

Day two of Dr. Phil's interview and I am angry. Yes, Dr. Phil, I also want to shake Cindy Anthony.

This woman can twist things around to make everything excusable. Unbelievable.

According to Cindy, she "prayed for 3 years for God to give her answers" and when the jury acquitted her daughter, it was God's answer to her that her daughter was innocent.


I am sorry but that was not God speaking. That was a jury who unfortunately were presented a case that was not strong enough to prove guilt.

Hello Cindy Anthony??? Just because she wasn't found guilty does not mean that she is innocent.

Another "revelation" by Cindy Anthony was that toxicology reports didn't prove that Caylee had been drugged.


All that was left of Caylee Marie Anthony was SKELETAL remains. Even the few hairs left on her skull were not enough to test for drugs. The medical examiner said that the likelihood of getting a positive toxicology report from the hairs was SLIM. You need FLESH to get toxicology testing that is reliable.

Dr. Phil did call Cindy on her justifications of Casey's behavior. This is a woman whose rose-colored glasses are permanently fixed on her face.

Maybe Cindy just cannot handle the truth so for her, she convinces herself of the lies. Where did Casey learn to lie? Maybe from mommy Cindy.

George Anthony is much more in reality. I admit that I was a bit surprised by that. Yes, of course I did not expect him to defend his daughter after she accused him of molestation. A part of me still expected him to say that it could have been an accident.

The only thing that both George and Cindy agree upon is that they do not think that Casey acted alone. If that is true, the person who helped her is surely going to talk one day. How did this person remain anonymous?

My next question is who will be filing for divorce because certainly this couple is not going to stay together. It is obvious (although she didn't say it) that Cindy would welcome her daughter home.

Cindy Anthony admits to being in therapy and from this interview it is obvious that she has a LONG way to go before she gets her mind straight.

I am a mom also but unlike Cindy Anthony I am strong enough to handle the truth, no matter how horrible it may be.

No, none of my daughters are like Casey Anthony. I have an honest relationship with them and this could never happen in my family.

There was trouble in this family long before Casey got pregnant out of wedlock. Cindy Anthony may like to tell herself that Casey has a hormonal imbalance and works overtime to justify Casey's lies and actions.

Cindy Anthony is delusional. Plain and simple. I am not judging her but from watching this interview I saw a woman who is unable to accept reality.

Perhaps her daughter's inability to own up to her own actions is inherited. Maybe Jose Baez was not so far off when he talked about how Casey learned to lie. Cindy has an inability to see the writing on the wall.

She feels that Caylee got justice. How sad. There was no justice for Caylee.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Phil Interviews George & CIndy Anthony- Part 1

Okay America. I gave up General Hospital today (well...not really, I can catch it later on SoapNet) in order to watch the season opener of Dr.Phil.

The much-talked about anticipated interview with Casey Anthony's parents was his subject for today's show.

I have to admit that so far I still feel the same way that I did about the Anthonys. Tomorrow the interview concludes but from today's show I have to admit that George appears to be much more in reality than Cindy does.

It took a lot of courage for them to appear on television after the spectacle that has been made of their lives. They are undoubtedly two parents who lived their lives with blinders on.

Cindy Anthony is an enabler and makes excuses for her husband's past gambling and still believes that there is a "reason" why Casey did whatever it is that she did.

I want to shake Cindy Anthony and just say "lady, your daughter is disturbed and there is NO excuse for her behavior".

Cindy brought up the idea that Casey's "involvement" in whatever it was that happened to Caylee was due to either post-partum schizophrenia (?) or grand mal seizures. Never mind the fact that she had been to a doctor about these mysterious seizures and nothing was found; Cindy still feels that perhaps she has a brain tumor or some other hormonal condition that caused her uncharacteristic behavior.

Oh, poor Cindy Anthony. She needs to face the fact that her daughter is just not a very good person.

She still insists that her daughter was a great mom.

I guess she wasn't paying attention in court when a former boyfriend spoke about how he and Casey slept in the same bed with Caylee. Yes, that is what good moms do.

George seems angry and he has every right. Casey accused him not only of molesting her but coming up with the idea to make Caylee's accidental drowning appear like a missing child and helping to dispose of the body.

Looking back they both seem dumbfounded that there may have been signs that something was wrong and yet they missed it. These are two people who seem to have trouble facing reality.

Talk about walking around with rose-colored glasses on. Even when they did not see Caylee for several days when they were used to seeing her daily they took no action.

So far part one of this interview only reinforced Cindy Anthony's denial of reality. It is sad that after everything that has happened she still is making excuses for her daughter.

George seems to have his own theory of what happened although he has not shared that yet. George can see Casey for the liar that she is.

One has to wonder about both of these parents/grandparents. George, the former police detective, really was clueless. Cindy, a trained nurse, also clueless and grasping at straws to find a "reason" for why her daughter behaved the way she did.

Just because a jury could not convict Casey does not mean that she is innocent. Her behavior and actions after Caylee went missing are not those of a "sane" person or an innocent one.

Overall I am disappointed in Dr. Phil because although he called Cindy about her denial and looking for excuses for people's behaviors (he called it "balancing") he really should have been tougher on these two. Their "revelations" are not that surprising.

I will finish up tomorrow when I see the second part of this interview. Dr. Phil promises that we will change our minds about how we feel about the Anthony's. It is going to have to be really good for me to change my mind. So far, there are no big surprises revealed to me.