Monday, July 18, 2011

Casey Anthony In Hiding

According to Nancy Grace, Casey Anthony is lying low in the Prescott, Arizona area while her "people" shop for deals for her. 

Meanwhile, all her parents have heard from her is a simple text message from Jose Baez saying that "she's safe". 

That's nice. Cindy Anthony perjures herself on the stand (read about possible charges here ) her defense team accuses her father and brother of molesting her (read "Dirty Secrets or Lies" ) and they do not even get a phone call?

Although Cindy Anthony did escape perjury charges read more here 
she did stand by her daughter even when she found out that Casey was spinning more tales about what really happened to Caylee.

Maybe Casey's defense team is figuring that if they allow just enough time to pass the public will forget about what a liar Casey is and we will believe her story when she finally gets paid enough to tell it. Reconciling with her family would kind of destroy the whole "my dad abused me so that's why I lie" defense. 

In the meantime, private jets and accommodations cost money. I guess someone is footing the bill until Casey can get paid from profiting off the death of Caylee Anthony.

In recent polls, people feel strongly about not supporting anything that would put money in Casey's pocket but many people also admit that they would watch her tell her story in an interview.

Would you watch Casey tell her story?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Released From Jail But She is Not Free

An update to this morning's post, Casey Anthony, accompanied by her defense attorney Jose Baez, left the Orange County jail shortly after midnight.

The SUV they got into headed downtown towards Jose's office. 

It was later reported that Casey (in different clothing and her hair down in a ponytail) was seen running across to a waiting private plane at a nearby small airport.

Destination unknown but one thing is for sure, CASEY ANTHONY WILL NEVER BE FREE!

With $530 and change in her pocket, no job, education or deal (yet) to make money off of her acquittal and Caylee's demise, her future is unknown.

There are plenty who say that she was found innocent and everyone needs to "let this go". I say NO. Never forget the innocent toddler whose body was dumped in the woods like trash.

Always remember Caylee and even if the state could not prove that Casey murdered Caylee, Casey knows the truth about what happened to Caylee.

Boycott any organization that pays Casey or the Anthony family money for their story. Those responsible for this child's death should not profit from it. 

This is why the story needs to stay fresh in our minds. 

Let us not forget that someone in that family dumped that child in the woods. 

Casey Set Free

A few minutes after midnight, Casey Anthony left the Orange County Jail with her attorney Jose Baez. She got into a dark-colored SUV and sped off to points unknown.

More than 1,000 protesters stood outside the jail holding signs but once the crowd became aware that she had been released and left the property they dispersed and it was over.

Casey showed no emotion and reports were that she was afraid to leave the safety of the jail. Glad to hear that a bit of reality has sunken in to this narcissistic woman.

No one seems to have any idea where Casey was headed and I am sure that in the next few days there will be plenty of speculation. It was already reported that a small plane took off about 1 a.m. headed for Ohio (where Casey was born) but it actually held some golfers not Casey as many thought.

Hiding Casey will not be easy. Although she has spent the last 3 years in solitary confinement in prison, being out in the real world and not being able to be free as she probably would want is some sort of justice.

This story is not going to die down anytime soon because of the lawsuits filed against her. She left jail with approximately $500 that was mostly donations for her to buy snacks and personal items while behind bars. Five hundred dollars is not going to go far. No job, no home, no money (yet).

I cannot imagine Casey Anthony sitting in the local welfare office applying for aid, can you?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casey Due to Be Sprung in Hours

Casey Anthony will be sprung from the Orange County Jail where she has spent the last several years. The big question still is where will she go and what will she do?

Speculation (to me, this case is just full of speculation) is that she will be whisked off in a private plane to parts unknown.

Not bad for a high-school drop-out with no job or money. This is probably courtesy of her defense team as she is their cash cow. 

Not that I feel sorry for Casey but they are going to monitor what she does and pick the best choice (highest bidder) for her story.

Hugh Hefner showed that he is not senile and stated that there is no offer for a Casey Anthony Playboy spread. He says his magazine does not reward people "like her".

The Jerry Springer show rejected the idea of an interview with Casey and the man who was bargaining with Jose Baez (remember the million $ offer?) has now started his own production company and is shopping a Casey interview around to the networks.

Although we might watch a Casey Anthony interview, there is no way most of us would pay money to do so or purchase anything that Casey would profit from.

So like a thief in the night (or in this case a murderer) Casey Anthony, with 3 journalists who were given special permission to be present inside the jail, will get her long-sought freedom. Sometime after the clock strikes 12 tonight, Casey Anthony will go on to her "new" life.
Something tells me that her new life will pretty much be uglier than her past life but we will see.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Casey Anthony Appealing Conviction for Lying-WTF????????

According to latest reports, Casey Anthony is appealing the conviction for lying to police. 

read here 


Why? Casey Anthony should be thankful that she got away with Caylee's death and just walk her sorry ass out of jail on Sunday and lay low.

Is this a totally narcissistic move on her part?

I mean, c'mon. There is no Zanny the nanny.

She did not work at Universal Studios.

Everything she told the police was a lie!

The state proved it. How do you appeal a conviction that was proven???

Wow. This girl deserves whatever happens when she is out on the street. Sorry. Just unreal.

Casey Goes "Free" This Weekend

While channel-surfing last night I saw that Nancy Grace is still obsessed with Casey Anthony. 

She has been playing the jailhouse videos taken before Caylee's body was discovered in December 2008. 

Watching these visits Casey had with her parents and brother is rather disturbing especially since the trial is over and we now know (according to her defense) that she admits Zanny the nanny and others are fictional people.

Her parents, her mother specifically, may not have been model parents but the way Casey kept them hanging on to false hope is disgusting. I cannot imagine why Cindy Anthony would welcome her back into the family home. The only thing I can think of is that she wants to wring her neck in private.

There is absolutely no excuse for her 31 days of partying or for the months of lying to her family and investigators who were searching in vain for Caylee.

All the while Casey knew Caylee was dead.

Sunday Casey is scheduled to be released from the Orange County jail. Although jury members are slowly beginning to speak out and admit that they had no choice but to acquit because there was not evidence to convict; they do not believe she is innocent.

Interestingly enough, Joy Behar interviewed one of Casey's defense team and asked her point blank "would you let Casey babysit your child?". The attorney, Dorothy Clay Sims, evaded the question and to me, that says it all. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Could Casey Be Innocent?

The media is guilty of twisting the truth as many of us have noticed with different "news" reports.

read "Being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion" 

Although the focus from day one of the media reporting Caylee Anthony's disappearance was the fact that her mother Casey did not report her daughter missing, what proof is there that she did anything but not call the police and lie?

Yes, her lying to police who were only trying to help her find her daughter is a huge sign that something was just not right, it is not a proof of guilt. 

As the case is reviewed from the first day that the media reported the Florida toddler missing, we all know that by the time it hit the news, Caylee was already dead.

Mistakes were made all around. The police originally focused on the idea that they were searching for a missing child, which was not a mistake as far as they knew. They were doomed to failure because they were dealing with a family that has an inability to tell the truth.

It is easy for all of us to assume that they all knew more than they are telling. 

I am a mom, I was a teenage mom, I would have crumbled and been unable to function had my toddler been missing or died accidentally. Any mom would feel the same way unless she was hiding the truth. 

I think that many of us who cannot grasp the idea of how deeply dysfunctional this family is just naturally has fallen prey to the speculative suggestions of certain media reports. 

I am certainly not saying that Casey Anthony is innocent in covering up her daughter's death. I firmly believe that she was capable of killing Caylee out of spite towards her hatred of her mother Cindy's controlling and abusiveness towards her. 

I don't know if it could have been an accident or if she just tried to quiet the child so she could go out and accidentally killed her herself.

The fact is that she knows SOMETHING. 

The jury was disgusted when Jose Baez used the "sexual abuse" card to explain Casey's behavior. There are many people who are victims of sexual abuse and they do not kill their children!

The state of Florida rushed to charge Casey. They should have sat back and waited for her to led them to the truth. 

As sick as it may seem to the majority of us who do not know the depths of a twisted and demented family like the Anthony's obviously are, anything could have happened and no one will never know the truth. 

It is an outrage to us all because there is a little girl who is dead and no matter what, she did not deserve to be dumped like trash to be nibbled on by animals. The evidence says that someone in the Anthony home did this and this family sticks together and enables whomever to get away with it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Perjury Charges for Cindy Anthony

No perjury charges for Cindy Anthony is the latest news in the never-ending Casey Anthony saga. Maybe the state of Florida just wants this all to go away but seriously, we all know that Cindy Anthony lied on the stand to help protect Casey.

Why should anyone feel sorry for Cindy Anthony? Why does she get a free pass for perjury? 

The lack of justice for Caylee continues.

The jury is beginning to talk and although much of it does make sense (why they could not convict) an awful lot of it is just ridiculous.

read behind the verdict

This whole mess is like a bad summertime reality television show that you cannot help but watch.

The Anthony family is a train wreck. Although I feel that when Cindy was forced to listen to her 911 call tapes while on the witness stand her grief and pain were real, I do not think that she remained "innocent" of what really happened to Caylee. I believe that someone in that family knew what happened and she had a clue about what it was.

Did George really molest Casey? Who knows. 

The problem is that the first cop who was called to the scene screwed up by not checking it out. 

You cannot go back. It is what it is. 

One thing that I know for sure- this family will not live out the rest of their miserable lives in peace and quiet. I am sure that they all have trouble looking themselves in the mirror without feeling some kind of guilt.

There may not be justice in a court of law but this entire family has to live with who they are and what secrets they hold. That is punishment enough.

Jury Foreman Speaks

The jury foreman in the Casey Anthony trial says that acquitting Casey Anthony of murder does not mean she is innocent. Once again, what most of the public refuses to see is that according to the law, they could not convict Casey based upon the evidence shown.

Even to convict of manslaughter they would have needed much more than they got. As I listened to the judge's instructions to the jury and really dissected what the instructions said, my husband and I both said "how on earth can they convict her?".

Emotions aside, our justice system is "innocent until proven guilty". Although in this case it feels like Casey Anthony got away with murder and there is no justice for little Caylee, would you want to live in a country where you can be accused, tried and convicted without concrete proof?


Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Casey Saga is Not Over

Yesterday Cindy Anthony was denied a visit to her daughter Casey who remains in jail until the 17th of July. Not surprising being that Casey has denied allowing any family to see her for quite some time now.

Seems to me that Casey must have a plan for where she is going to go once she is released next week.

Her car, although registered to George and Cindy Anthony, will be released to her as well as other items held while she has been in jail.

So, where is Casey going to go? No job, no education and the only "skills" she has are lying and manipulating people. 

The natural guess to me would be LA. She might blend right in. 

Whatever does happen when she is released, her troubles are not over. She still has to answer to Zenaida Gonzalez' attorney who served her with a lawsuit after she was acquitted of murder charges. She will also have the State of Florida wanting to be reimbursed for the costs of investigating Caylee's disappearance. 

I cannot imagine that anyone is going to pay her enough money for her to live the good life when she is obviously going to need legal representation and pay some hefty fines. 

Sadly the truth about what really happened to Caylee will never be known. Legislation like "Caylee's Law" is being discussed in many states and at least something positive may come out of this tragedy.

As people begin to cool down after the outrage of Casey getting away with (what many of us believe to be) murder, we can analyze the justice system and see the flaws.

We can also look more objectively at what role media played in this case .

Because of Florida's open discovery laws, we knew about all the forensic evidence in this case before the trial even began. There was so much that was second-hand and therefore "hear-say" that could not be taken into account when determining Casey's guilt. 

We have come a long way from the Salem Witch Hunts but with the way the media played upon the "facts" in this case, it only made the outrage greater.

Could we actually be wrong about Casey Anthony? Could Caylee have drowned and she panicked? Could her 31 days of partying actually have been her own way of coping with her grief???

Nah. Even as I typed this I could not swallow it. Her "denial" of the events did not end. It was her mother who called 911 and to this day, has Casey shed a tear for anyone except herself?

This case will continue to fascinate us for some time to come. No one "gets" how a young mother would react like Casey Anthony unless she was covering up a crime. 

In time, this story will fade. Casey Anthony may be given the opportunity to tell her version of lies in greater detail but really, who is going to pay to read it? 

She and her family have to live with the secrets that they hold. Someday they will be held accountable.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Letting Go of the Rage

The trial is over but the public outrage continues.

We cannot change what happened in that Florida courtroom but we can turn it around and help to make positive changes.

Caylee's Law is being proposed in several states and that would make it a felony to not report a child missing in a timely manner. Any caregiver, parent or grandparent who does not report a child missing would face charges.

This is a positive way to honor Caylee Anthony.

Although some may argue this but the Facebook page boycotting Casey Anthony is also a positive way to deal with the anger we feel towards this woman.

We want to know why Caylee died. We want to know how. Casey Anthony is not going to tell the world the truth. 

Casey Anthony is unable to tell the truth. Boycotting any book, movie or anything that would earn her money is a way to send a strong message.  

I also personally feel that Cindy and George Anthony have nothing worthy to say that I would pay any money for. They are both liars. 

The best way to move forward from this tragedy is to get involved with advocacy programs to help those in need. Whether it is victims of domestic violence, children, animals or anyone in need, it would honor the memory of Caylee Anthony who did not have anyone on her side until it was too late to save her.

We need to let go of the anger and use it to create change. Change that will help to protect those in need and make sure that people who abuse others will not go free. click to find Caylee's Law

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Gets the Max for Lying

Judge Belvin Perry looked at the 4 counts of lying Casey Anthony was convicted of and is treating them as separate offenses just as the jury did.

Therefore, Casey will not be leaving jail today.

Casey walked into court today, hair down, looking like she was ready to be free. Her mood and demeanor changed as soon as Judge Perry began to speak and point out that the police took 4 separate directions due to the lies Casey told.

Although she will get credit for time served, he sentenced her to the max of 4 years plus $1000 fines.
She will be getting out of jail late July or sometime in August.

Interestingly enough, George and Cindy were also in the courtroom and before proceedings began, they looked happy. Yup. Happy. 

Just like I said earlier, I am sure that they are looking forward to bringing their daughter home. SICK SICK SICK.

The state of Florida also announced their intentions to press charges against Casey to collect the costs of the investigation into Caylee's disappearance. 

Casey may have been acquitted of murder but she will never be free.

Jurors Speak

As jurors finally come forward to speak about the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, we get a glimpse into what they saw versus what we at home were seeing during the trial.

It really is not a surprise to me (and it should not be to anyone) if you think about the law and really look at what was presented to them.

You cannot decide someone's fate (yes even Casey Anthony's) through emotion alone. It just is not right.

Did the state give us any indication how, where, when or why Casey chloroformed Caylee? NO. Computer searches do not prove she did anything.

There was no cause of death. That was huge to the jurors. We did not even know when Caylee died. How do you charge someone with murder when you cannot prove it?

Yes, if you look at the remains with the duct tape placed upon the face, dumped in a swampy wooded area it will lead you to believe that this must be homicide. The problem is that there was no solid proof who put the duct tape on Caylee and dumped her body there. 

Casey lied. Casey always lies. George Anthony was combative on the stand which made him look like a liar. He was the last person to see Caylee with Casey. How can the jurors believe him?

Cindy is a liar also. Lee is a liar also. The family helped to cause the jurors reasonable doubt just by them exposing who they are.

The state of Florida was outraged over a mother who does not report her child missing for 31 days and then wastes the time of the police and investigators by her continuing to lie. They overcharged her because of the outrage. Had they had the solid proof to convict, it would have been a no-brainer.

We all want someone to pay for the disgusting way this child was dumped like garbage. The truth is that the jurors felt that they did not have enough evidence to convict. Although they (the jurors) felt ill over the verdict, they had no choice but to acquit. 

Although we feel outrage, we need to put aside our emotions and realize that although we feel Casey knows what happened, there was no proof to convict.

Caylee's Law

If anything positive can come out of the death of Caylee Marie Anthony and the trial of Casey Anthony for her murder it would be the idea of "Caylee's Law".

Caylee's Law would make it a felony for a parent or caregiver to fail to report a child's disappearance in a timely manner.

Although Jose Baez alleges that Casey Anthony is not guilty of failing to report her daughter missing because according to him, Caylee drowned in the backyard pool, the fact that her grandparents were unaware of this and then called police 31 days after she was last seen is what outraged the public.

There are many things that disturb the public about this case but this law at the very least would help to make something positive come out of a horrible tragedy.

Nothing will bring back Caylee, and no one will ever know the truth about what happened. is where you can go to sign this petition to get Caylee's Law the support it needs.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Inside View

After the shocking verdict was given yesterday, the jurors chose not to speak to anyone and instead got on a bus and headed back home. No one has spoken yet except for one of the 5 alternate jurors.

Boldly, this alternate juror has called into different news programs explaining why the jury did not convict Casey Anthony.

It took the jury about 10 hours to let Casey walk free. They did not ask to see one piece of evidence during their deliberations. NOT ONE. WHY?????

Put aside your emotion and feelings and listen to this man who really did do what the judge instructed. He looked at the evidence. Or should I say they listened to it in court and then disregarded it all.

As this man said, Casey was lying for years. It was completely plausible to him and others that there could have been an accident being that no cause of death was proven.

No witnesses said anything about Casey being a bad mother. How do you convict for child abuse?

The family dysfunction did affect his decision because he felt that you could imagine that anything was possible including Jose Baez's theory of how Caylee died. An accident that spiraled out of control is believable to him because of how messed up this family is.

And although a motive was not necessary, this juror felt that the state had not produced a motive for Casey killing Caylee. The 31 days are disregarded because Casey is a slut. To him, this was not proof of guilt. The state did not need to prove motive to get a conviction of manslaughter.

Although I agree that they could not prove how Caylee died, she was dumped in a field with duct tape over her face. Is that how you handle an accident? Her own family said her car smelled like a dead body had been in it. 

Between the "junk" science and lack of evidence on the body tying the crime to Casey, there was nothing they could use to convict. Sad, but what do you do if there is no proof?

There was reasonable doubt but I guess if you do not consider Caylee and only consider Casey, you may side with the defense. This juror agreed that Casey has issues but you know, he almost seemed to feel sorry for her. 

What about Caylee? The State of Florida did what they could to try and find justice for this little girl. They failed. It just was not possible for them to prove a crime had been committed even though it was obvious (and proven) Casey lied about not knowing what happened to her daughter.

The Anthony family has been receiving death threats since the verdict was announced. This juror felt that the family knew more about Caylee's death then they admitted to. 

I guess this is a lesson to us all. Live in denial, enable your daughter (or son) , teach them how to lie by your own lying and it will come to bite you in the ass. 

Last night I saw an interview with Jesse Grund and his father. Jesse at one time thought he was Caylee's father until he had a DNA test done. He said the Casey he knew is dead. His father said the prosecution's biggest mistake was to not admit that the family is dysfunctional. Richard Grund said that the family is beyond dysfunctional and said Casey was the victim of emotional and verbal abuse by Cindy. He has no love lost for Cindy, eluding to how she damaged Casey.

Early on when Caylee was reported missing, Cindy tried to blame the Grund family. 

I guess that some people who disregard Caylee and just focus on what could have happened can be swayed to believe anything. 

This is a strange case. The Anthony's have secrets that we can only speculate about. Maybe Lee Anthony will come out with the truth. He seems to be the only one who has the capability of telling the truth.

The question "what really happened to Caylee?" will never be answered. That is the saddest part of this whole trial. Had the jurors thought a bit more about the life that was lost, maybe, just maybe they would have looked at what evidence there was and been able to place blame on Casey. No matter what, Casey Anthony was responsible for covering up something. She should be held accountable.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Gets Away with Murder

The verdict watch is over in the trial of Casey Anthony. There will be no justice for Caylee.

How sad. I cannot even speak (or find words).   All I can think of is how easy it is to get away with murder. This case proved that.

once again... I have no words.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Deliberations (finally)

The prosecution got the last word today and did well to drive home the idea that only one person's life is better for not having Caylee in it.

It was a powerful delivery which made use of the 911 call that Cindy Anthony made when she found out that Casey did not know where Caylee was and had allegedly been "kidnapped" by her nanny. The raw emotion in her voice and pure pain of not knowing where her beloved granddaughter was makes up for any lies Cindy Anthony might have told on the stand.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton read a part of George Anthony's suicide note that also showed the pain and desperation of a grandfather who was suffering from the loss of his granddaughter.

Casey's first phone call from jail was in sharp contrast to the pain her parents were feeling. I watched her face as she listened to this call where all she was concerned about was getting the phone number of her latest boyfriend Tony. She complained that all anyone cared about was Caylee.

I get the idea that there is not DNA evidence like they show on television shows like C.S.I. There is no smoking gun or witnesses. But c'mon. Caylee was last seen with Casey. All of a sudden, Caylee is not seen by anyone and Casey lives her life freely without the burden of her child, partying and spending the whole day in bed with her boyfriend? 

Her mother begs to see Caylee off and on for 31 days and all she does is make up lies about where the child is. Lies that are proven to be lies. 

Casey's stories about a mysterious nanny began around the time that she was to return to work after having Caylee. She didn't want to be a mother. Her mother Cindy would not let her give the child up for adoption. She had to do what her mother wanted. Cindy wore the pants in the family, that much we know. Casey could live up to be a mother like her mother demanded. 

read more here 

This is a tragedy that has changed this family forever. A little girl is dead, most likely at Casey's hand. Will the justice system prevail or will Casey walk and go back to life on Hopespring Drive? 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Will This Trial EVER End?????

Woke up to rain and I figured, okay, I am just going to spend the morning watching the end of the trial and then get on with my day. Like the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial who figured they would be home by the 4th of July, we were all wrong.

Coverage started at 8:30 this morning with the lawyers and judge discussing the wording on the instructions for the jury. Jeff Ashton was clean, sharp and precise and most importantly, did not bore anyone. He finished relatively fast, only about 77 minutes.

Then came Baez. He reminded the jury that there was no cause of death, only speculation. He seemed to take forever to get on a roll and as I was falling asleep sitting up (not like me) he began to pick at the Anthony's.
The truth is that neither George or Cindy tells the truth and that was proved on the stand. George did dance around answers purposely giving Baez a hard time. In all fairness, wouldn't you if you had been accused of molesting your daughter and then setting her up for a crime?
So maybe George Anthony did have an affair. Big deal. Many men do. Cindy Anthony took the blame for doing those computer searches knowing that it was the prosecution's "proof" of pre-meditation.
Does anyone else besides me wonder how fair it was for George, Cindy and Lee Anthony to be in the courtroom all this time watching others testify knowing that they would also be called to the stand???

Nothing like being prepared. Okay, back to today.

As I said, just when Jose was getting on a roll and waking me (and everyone else) up, Jeff Ashton was visibly laughing behind his hand. Jose seeing this made a comment towards him which caused the judge to order both men to sidebar and excused the jury.

After a period of time, both returned to the courtroom and it just reminded me of two boys who got caught doing something they knew was wrong.

BOTH of them were extremely unprofessional and this is just unbelievable. You could sense the judge's frustration (seen it many times in this trial) and he threatened that any more behavior like this and the offender will be out of the courtroom. RIDICULOUS! Both Baez and Ashton showed a complete and total lack of control. Un-real. This is justice?

Jose Baez returned to his long-winded assault on George Anthony, insisting that he was not accusing George of murder but he was accusing him of disposing of the body. At one point when discussing the lack of forensics in the case he did seem to admit that a body had been in Casey's trunk.

I hate to say it but Baez did make a lot of sense with what he said. They do not know how Casey killed Caylee. There is no proof of how she died.

The photo of Caylee opening the sliding door which had no child safety lock and the photos of her climbing into the pool are telling. The fact that Cindy might have left that pool ladder up and Caylee could have had access is totally believable.

What still is unbelievable to me is the idea that George Anthony is such a monster that he would turn an accident into a frame for murder pinning the "crime" on his daughter. For what? Because Cindy would have been crushed and angry at both of them for allowing this accident to happen???

Would a father allow his daughter to sit in jail and possibly face death because he is afraid of his wife's reaction to an accident???? 

I get that this family is sick and dysfunctional. George Anthony is a man of few words and although Cindy seemed to be more concerned about Caylee's whereabouts than we heard he was, does that make him guilty of something????

The problem with the prosecution's case (okay one of the problems) is the child abuse charge. No one got up on that stand and said anything that would lead anyone to believe that Casey was anything but good to Caylee. Where is the abuse?

Yes, she acted totally inappropriately during the 31 days that no one saw Caylee. Does that make her a murderer? She could have snapped after Caylee accidentally died. 

Someone searched for "chloroform". Where is the proof that Casey made or used chloroform?

There was no cause of death for Caylee which some see as a huge problem. There was not a cause of death for Lacey Peterson either. 

There was motive though. The motive that Casey wanted to party is not that good of a motive. She took Caylee with her when she was dating Ricardo Morales and even allowed Caylee to sleep in the same bed that she shared with him. 

She never tried to hide Caylee from her last boyfriend Tony. She did complain to friends about not being able to go out because she did not have someone to watch Caylee. Why did she suddenly choose to kill Caylee?

There had been discussion about neighbors hearing an argument between Casey and Cindy the night of Father's Day after the last video of Caylee had been taken. There were rumors that Cindy wanted to get custody of Caylee. Where was this in the trial? Wouldn't it have been relevent?

Why did the meter reader call 911 so many times before he got the police to investigate?

How did Cindy's investigators know the exact area where to look for Caylee's remains?

As this trial comes to a close there are still too many unanswered questions. I wonder if the jury feels the same. 

The Finale

In about 1 hour, closing arguments will begin in the final day of the Casey Anthony murder trial. It has been more than 3 years since Caylee Anthony was last seen and the mystery of what happened to this little girl is still a mystery.

The prosecution did nothing more than present their theory and the defense's theory, although overly dramatic and worthy of a Hollywood scriptwriter, was more unbelievable.

The defense proved nothing that they claimed and they did not technically need to.

The burden of proof was on the prosecution and from day one of this tragedy, the public opinion tried and convicted Casey of wrong-doing but honestly, where is the concrete smoking gun?

The smell of death in her car trunk, her behavior in the 31 days following Caylee last being seen and computer searches for "chloroform" of which high levels were found in her trunk are not proof of a crime.

Caylee's remains and the fact that the area her body was dumped in was under water for some time and removed any forensics that might have tied Casey to the crime only hurt the prosecution's case.

Was Casey negligent of child neglect? Maybe.
Was Casey guilty of giving false statements to police? Most definitely.
Did Casey murder Caylee? Although most of the country who has followed this case believes that she did, there really is no proof. 

Could Casey be acquitted of murder charges? Quite possibly. 

Will she go home with Cindy and George and go on with life like nothing happened? In the Anthony family, denial runs strong so my answer is yes. After all, if Casey is acquitted of murder, that means that the state of Florida did not prove her case so then she must be innocent, right?

Denial runs strong in the Anthony family. Denial and enabling and dysfunction. 

I will be back later with a wrap-up of the closing arguments. Judge Belvin Perry warned both sides that their closing arguments must not contain anything but facts. Guess it is going to be a short day in court. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Did the Prosecution Prove Their Case?

Judge Belvin Perry gave everyone a day off today to prepare for tomorrow's conclusion to the Casey Anthony murder trial.

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Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall when the jury finally gets to discuss this case? With the way this case has played out; the continuous sidebars, delays and frequent arguments between the defense and prosecution, how did the jury keep up with it all?

Let's examine what the prosecution actually proved. 

1- Casey Anthony is a liar. That was probably the easiest thing to prove and even her defense admits that is the truth. This is the only point that they agree on.

2- There was a smell of human decomposition in Casey Anthony's car. Whether or not you believe the "junk" science or just take the word of people who have smelled the smell of decomposition before, there had been a decomposing body in Casey Anthony's trunk. Further proof? One hair was found in the trunk that showed signs of being from a decomposing Caylee. Yes, this "fact" was disputed by the defense but you can always find an expert to dispute whatever findings you have.

3- Computer searches were made on the Anthony home computer for terms such as "chloroform", "neck breaking" and other terms. These searches were purposely deleted from the computer. No one else could have made these searches except for Casey Anthony. Although Cindy Anthony claimed to have made these searches (in a desperate attempt to save her daughter's life) her work records prove that she was at work at the time. The prosecution needs this to prove pre-meditation. The prosecution alleges that Casey subdued Caylee with chloroform in order to make Caylee sleep so that she could go out and party.

4- Casey's lies. When confronted about where Caylee was, Casey's story was that the nanny took her and Casey had been doing her own investigation for 31 days trying to find her daughter. Her "investigation" took her to nightclubs, Target, shopping malls and in and out of the bed of her boyfriend. No wonder she never found Caylee. Casey also showed no tears or concern for Caylee. Does this prove she killed her? No, but it certainly makes you wonder. Casey never went to the police, never told anyone anything about an accident, kidnapping and only told lies about Caylee's whereabouts. 

5- Coincidence? The prosecution alleges that the skeletal remains of Caylee had duct tape placed over the nose and mouth area with a small heart-shaped sticker on it. A Winnie-the-Pooh blanket was found nearby that matched one missing from her bedroom. The sticker matched ones found in Casey's bedroom. Caylee's remains were found less than 1 mile from her home. Cadaver dogs had also identified an area in the Anthony backyard where a decomposing body had been. A neighbor also reported that Casey had borrowed a shovel in late June. According to George Anthony, the last person he saw Caylee with was her mother Casey. 

6- Chloroform. The levels of chloroform found in the trunk of Casey's car were unusually high. The prosecution believes that chloroform was used to subdue Caylee, duct tape was placed on her nose and mouth and this is how she died. The body did not prove cause of death because nothing was left but skeletal remains. The presence of duct tape on the skull cause the medical examiner to determine cause of death to be homicide by unknown means. Accidental drownings are common in Florida where everyone has a swimming pool but as the ME stated, they are always reported. Although the defense had their own autopsy done, his findings disputed Orange County's ME Dr. G's findings. 

7- Follow the duct tape. Jose Baez tried to create doubt by advising jurors to "follow the duct tape". He never did prove that the duct tape was tied directly to George Anthony as he promised. Duct tape was allegedly found on Caylee's skull. The same kind of duct tape was found in the Anthony home. There was doubt raised about if the duct tape actually was put on the body before or after death. Again, the duct tape is either coincidence or proof. (trash bags, a laundry bag and baby blanket can also be tied to the Anthony home)

As the jury ponders this evidence, they also will be thinking about the defense's case. Sexual abuse was alleged but not proven. The defense admits that Casey Anthony is a liar. The defense also claimed it was a drowning. I have to think that the jury is thinking that if your client told you her daughter's death was an accident, why did you let her sit in jail for 3 years and also allow thousands of volunteers to look for Caylee when you knew she was dead and rotting in a swamp? 

Tomorrow I will return after the closing arguments are done. Then the jury will receive the case and we will see just how long it takes them to determine the fate of Casey Anthony.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Closing Statements on Sunday

The state finished up this afternoon with their rebuttal in the Casey Anthony murder trial. 

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The state proved that Cindy Anthony could not have made those computer searches on the Anthony home computer for "neck breaking" and "chloroform" because she was at work at the time.

Will the state press charges against her for perjury? That remains to be seen. Her attorney insists that she did not specify she said she searched on the dates in question but this writer was watching her testify and that's what she said folks. 

At the end of the day, Casey finally showed some signs of reality hitting home. Yup, Sunday the jury will be getting this case for deliberation and they will be deciding Casey Anthony's fate.

Casey's guilt or innocence is not at stake, what the jury is going to determine is whether or not the state of Florida has proved their case. 

What do you think?