Thursday, August 25, 2011

Casey's New Life

Okay. Here I am in NJ, with the threat of a hurricane coming this weekend and I am desperate to distract myself.

It seems that Casey Anthony is probably very happy about the recent earthquake in Virginia that was felt along much of the East coast and now Hurricane Irene, which is threatening North Carolina to New England.

All this talk about national disasters helps to get some of the attention off of her.

Well, maybe not.

Casey Anthony met with a probation officer last evening in a secret location and the details have not been released out of the continued fear for her safety.

As announced by the probation department, Casey does not have to get a job and according to her attorney, she will be taking classes online. So for the next year, Casey will report to her probation officer and take classes online presumably to prepare her for a "job" in the future.

Personally I do not know how long it will take for the public, especially in Florida, to "forget" Casey Anthony. I don't know how long it will take for the hatred and disgust towards this woman to die down.

I guess we should all be happy that no media outlet has paid her to tell "her" side of the story.

Okay, I have managed to distract myself from worries about flooding, wind damage and power outages.

In September, George and Cindy Anthony will be on Dr.Phil to talk about "things they have never discussed before". Hmmmmm. Interesting but I still feel that even though some see these parents/grandparents as victims of Casey, the jury is still out for me.

I do wish them peace but there is an awful lot of soul-searching they will have to do before they reach that point. What do you think?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Casey's Back in Florida

According to Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's attorney, she has returned to the Orlando area in order to begin court-appointed probation.

Jose Baez, who appeared on Geraldo Rivera's cable show, says that she is in a safe place with spiritual advisors.

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that these spiritual advisors are NOT her parents but associated with Jose Baez.

The surprising thing is that Casey has stayed hidden since being acquitted back in July and there has not yet been any kind of proof that she has made any deals. According to her attorney Casey just wants to "get on with her life" but is finding that it is not that easy.

The atmosphere in Florida is still one of anger towards Casey who many see as having gotten away with murder.

This week will be an eventful one for Casey and we will see how easily she is able to move forward with her life, serving a year's probation for check fraud charges.

Will she be able to find a job? My guess is yes. I am sure that thanks to Jose Baez, he will find someone to hire her.

I get that she was acquitted but in my mind (and many others) she hardly deserves to be cut a break at this point in time. The girl is guilty of lying about what really happened to her daughter and if parents are not going to protect their children we as a society need to.

Because Casey had something to do with her daughter's death and lied about it and STILL has not apologized for that, she deserves no "breaks".

There are many unemployed, deserving people in this country who are desperate for a break. Why are they less deserving than a proven liar?

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday the infamous Pontiac Sunfire driven by Casey Anthony that contained the smell of death according to many was scrapped in an Orlando-area junkyard.

I wondered what would become of the car. I mean, who was really going to drive it after it was, according to the prosecution, where Caylee's remains were before they were dumped in an empty lot near her home.

Could you imagine the controversy over selling that car? Scrapping it was the best way to help put the past in the past.

Caylee's birthday came and went without Casey making her whereabouts known but now, Judge Belvin Perry has given her until August 26th to return to Orlando to begin a year of probation.

This should be interesting.

Terms of probation include holding a job (who is going to hire her?), not doing illegal drugs (okay) and not overindulging in alcohol.

The talk is that Casey has a 6 figure book deal and with public outrage still quite strong, I find it hard to believe that anyone would purchase a book written (or ghost-written) by Casey Anthony.

What story does Casey Anthony have to tell and with her own lawyer admitting that she is a liar, who would buy her book of fiction?

There are plenty of struggling fiction authors out there who are far more deserving of getting book sales.

Acquittal aside, Casey Anthony knows what happened to her daughter and she kept quiet while the world worried, looked for and mourned her child. Maybe the state of Florida could not find proof enough to convict her of a crime but the facts remain that Casey Anthony is far from innocent.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Caylee's Birthday

Today would have been Caylee Marie Anthony's 6th birthday.

The hoopla over Casey Anthony's acquittal is starting to die down but I don't believe that most people who felt passionately about this case will ever forget.

Today must be a hard day for Caylee's grandparents who frantically searched for her when she went missing before her 3rd birthday. They are working on a foundation in Caylee's name that would help missing children and also protect the rights of grandparents.

In the state of Florida (and other states) grandparents have very little rights to their grandchildren. When a couple divorces, unless the grandparents have a relationship with the parent who has custody, many times they lose their grandchild to their child's divorce.

There are many more reasons why the Anthonys are going to focus on grandparents rights. Rumor is that Cindy Anthony wanted custody of Caylee because she had felt that her daughter was unfit. Maybe she was right and had the laws been different, Caylee might still be alive.

We cannot go back, only move forward. Perhaps the grandparents of Caylee can do something positive for others in Caylee's name.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Judge Orders Casey Back to Florida

The judge who ruled over Casey Anthony's check fraud case has ordered her back to Florida to serve a year's probation.

The problem is that Casey's attorneys have filed a motion disputing this probation saying that according to documents, she has already served this probation while she was behind bars awaiting trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee.

Judge Strickland, who presided over the check fraud case and later removed himself from the murder trial, had done an interview on the local NBC station that shows his bias towards Casey Anthony. He seemed to feel that Casey would have been found guilty of the murder charge and since she was not, he appears to now be trying to "change" his order regarding the probation.

This blogger is hardly a Casey Anthony fan but it sure looks like this time, Jose Baez has a point. This judge appears to have a bias towards Casey who, although many do not like it, was found not guilty in a court of law. We need to respect the jurors decision although our guts may tell us differently.

How can a judge turn around and try to punish Casey after the fact when it appears that the only reason he is trying to order her back to Orlando is because she was acquitted of murder?

The next few days will show whether justice is biased or not.

I continue to believe that Casey Anthony will never be free. She knows the truth about Caylee and she will have to live under a cloud of suspicion. That is hardly being free.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Orlando Get Ready

A judge has ordered that Casey Anthony return to Orlando to serve probation time for her check fraud conviction.

Of course, Jose Baez is fighting this. Once again, he expects for Casey to get special treatment.

The truth is that there appears to be some miscommunication between the prison system and the court system. When I had first heard that Casey had done her probation while she was behind bars I was confused. Isn't probation supposed to help you to adjust to the real world?

So we will see if Casey does reappear in the Orlando area on Thursday as ordered. She would have to stay in the area, work a job and report to a probation officer.

No more private planes and whatever else she has been up to since being released from jail after she was acquitted of murder charges.

I highly doubt that all this time she has been in a mental health facility although with this case- NOTHING would surprise me.