Friday, December 23, 2011

Roy Kronk Files Suit Against Casey

Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found the remains of Caylee Anthony, is now suing Casey Anthony. He alleges that her attorneys tried to place the blame on him for Caylee's death when they knew Caylee had drowned. Although this may seem like yet another person who is filing a suit against Casey Anthony for no good reason, he actually does have a point. Casey's attorneys did call Mr. Kronk names, judging his character and trying to distract from Casey by raising doubt in the minds of the jury. Roy Kronk was not on trial. Casey Anthony was. Will Roy Kronk ever see a dime from Casey Anthony should he win this suit? Probably not. It is the principle of it. If, as Casey's lawyers allege, Caylee Anthony actually drowned in the backyard pool, why did they allow their client to sit in jail for all that time until she went to trial? We are supposed to believe that Casey was so damaged by her father's abuse of her that she was unable to tell the truth. Well if her attorney(s) KNEW the truth, shouldn't they have spoken up? The State of Florida (and others) spent countless man hours and money looking for a child that Jose Baez and Casey Anthony KNEW was dead. There should be some kind of punishment for that outside of these numerous lawsuits. I guess it will have to be left up to karma. Karma is a bitch afterall. It will catch up to all those deserving of its wrath.

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