Friday, July 6, 2012

One Year Later

It's been one year since Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder charges in the death of her daughter Caylee. Jose Baez, Casey's attorney, is making the rounds of talk shows promoting his book which tells the story behind the trial of the most hated woman in America. According to Baez, although he agrees that Casey suffers from a mental illness he believes her story of how Caylee's death was due to an accidental drowning. He says there is evidence that was not talked about during the trial that confirms Casey's "story". You will have to read the book to hear his revelations but again he brings up how Cindy Anthony came home from work the last day Caylee was seen and remarked how the pool ladder was left up. This is just one of his pieces of "evidence" that Casey's story was true. According to Baez we are supposed to believe that Casey was a victim of sexual abuse by the hands of her father George. Well...I believe that the Anthony family are dysfunctional, disturbed and not your average American family (whatever that is by the way) BUT I also believe that no matter what you do as a parent you can wind up with an ungrateful, disturbed child such as in the case of Casey Anthony. Cindy Anthony is an over-bearing woman with issues of her own, no doubt. George Anthony is a man full of secrets. The family unit as a whole is strange but was there abuse going on behind closed doors? Maybe. Did this abuse cause Casey to be so intimidated by what her mother would say about her beloved granddaughter's accidental drowning that she would panic and cover it up? I mean to a rational mind how long could you make up stories about why Caylee wasn't around? It had to end sometime. It is believable to me that in a sick and twisted mind you could fear someone so greatly that you would choose to do the wrong thing. The fact remains that according to Casey's story, her father George helped to cover up the death. That makes no sense to me. Casey wanting to hide the truth is believable but George??? The man is former police after all. It makes no sense. Will I be reading Jose Baez' book? You betcha! I will not pay money for it though. I will borrow it from my local library. I think it will be a fascinating read. I haven't read a good fiction story in a long time. What do you think??

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