Sunday, January 27, 2013

Casey Anthony Bankruptcy

Casey Anthony, who has been all but in seclusion since being found not guilty in her daughter's death, has now declared bankruptcy. This doesn't come as a huge surprise to any Casey watcher. Over the past year Casey has been hiding out somewhere in Florida as her probation wouldn't allow for her to leave the state. So what has Casey been doing since she was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee? According to some reports, Casey took classes online and received counselling for her multiple "issues". Now I know that a jury of her "peers" found her not guilty of wrongdoing in the death of her precious daughter but you'd be hard-pressed to find very many people who feel that Casey Anthony is innocent. What becomes of Casey Anthony now? It is hard to say. Declaring bankruptcy absolves her of debts she incurred but after bankruptcy she is going to have to earn a living somehow or find someone who is willing to support her. I doubt that her father George Anthony wants the job after she accused him of molesting her and taking part in hiding Caylee's death. Children (sadly) go missing every day in the United States but the story of Caylee Anthony was so much more than a missing child who was later found dead. The family dynamics of the Anthony family and Casey Anthony herself fed the cable news stations need to exploit. It caused many in the state of Florida to become outraged and demand the truth from the Anthony family. It was like a bad reality tv show but it was real and that is where the tragedy lies. Little Caylee Anthony died under mysterious circumstances and we will never know what really happened. Casey Anthony will live the rest of her life with the notoriety of this hanging over her head - some might say she deserves that - and her parents will forever be known as being torn between advocates for their granddaughter and trying to stand by their daughter whose lies make it hard to know when she tells the truth. In the aftermath of Caylee's death, new laws were signed that would make it a crime to not report a missing child within 24 hours. Part of what outraged so many is how Caylee was missing for a month before the authorities were contacted. In her defense, Jose Baez claimed that there was no need to report Caylee missing as she died the last day she was seen. Again, believing this version of what really happened to Caylee would mean you would have to believe Casey Anthony. In the years since this tragedy occurred, all anyone could hope for is that Casey gets the obvious mental health counselling that she needs because no one can stop her from becoming a mother again someday. It is too late to save Caylee but maybe the justice will be that the Anthony family's lives will never be free.

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